We offer 3 strategic products responding to different security needs of different customers. Specifically, they are Alarm service, Sales of security equipment, Dispatch of security guards. Our security professionals shall base on the customer's needs to create the most suitable security plan, and provide Security audit and Management services as extra services.

There shall be no versatile security service. Therefore, we provide services in a combination of those security products, utilizing the nature of the products effectively, such as the access key system to control the entry in accordance with conditions of qualified persons and specified purposes, the CCTV with restraining effect and for capturing record of events occurred, the alarm system to monitor at night unattended and response service to deal with emergency, and the conventional manned security services.



Alarm Service

Our flagship service. Online alarm monitoring and emergency response. Protection of the customer’s valuable property by the unmanned security system with a reasonable cost.

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Security Products

High-quality surveillance cameras or the non-contact access card system etc., are not just the supplementary equipment of manned security, but also considered as a main tool for the day-to-day security.

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Security Guards

Provision of well-qualified security guards. To handle those works which must be treated and judged by the manned guards

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