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Access control system is a system that opens an electric doors only to permitted persons by getting credential’s information of a contactless access card or fingerprint authenticated with a reader device installed on the door. Since all the information identified by the reader is recorded in the software, it is possible to clarify who opened the door, when, and where it happened. Also, with that software, it is possible to set individual permissions, such as who to get access to which door, from when to what time. Accordingly, the system can be used for a wide range of applications, not only for the simple case that you do not want to be accessed by external objects, but also the case when there is a place where you do not allow access to non-duty employees, or when you want to manage access to employees with various statuses respectively. With actual installation for numerous cases, SECOM can make appropriate suggestions from the phase of installation up to operation of the system.


Even if you are using either keys or access cards, you may have the potential risk to be broken in with an illegally copied key or an exploited card. In order to cope with such cases, CCTV with deterrent effect and recording function is considered as essential. There are models that have long recording functions and models that allow you to see images from PCs and mobile phones on the Internet. With the excellent planning ability, SECOM can optimally set up cameras to maximize the deterrent effect and to reliably capture the movement of people in the camera.


We also provide security related equipment as follows:
• Infrared border sensor system: Detecting intrusion into the premises from outside by placing infrared laser sensor around the large site such as factories.
• Metal Detector: For strict access control, we can offer handy type and gate type metal detectors.
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